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Modern Dental Technology

Carestream Digital X-rays: Safer dental X-ray techniques due to reduced radiation, instant results, and reduced errors.

Intra-oral cameras: This enables the dentist to take photos of the teeth and mouth. These can then be displayed on screen to make it more clear what problems might be present and what treatment options are available.

Zeiss operating microscope: An important tool in diagnosing, assessing and the treatment of teeth in need of root canal therapy.


CBCT Scanner: A 3D dental scanner that uses x-rays and a computer to produce 3-dimensional images of the jaws and teeth, providing your dentist with detailed information which cannot be obtained from more conventional x-ray equipment.

3Shape Trios intra-oral scanner: Making use of a light source to take impressions rather than using conventional physical impression materials is much more comfortable for patients. The ability to directly capture all dental arch information of the patient, and consequently their 3D models, without using impression material, is one of the advantages of optical impressions. It also aids with better communication between dentist and patient and is used regularly for treatment planning purposes.


Cerec Dentistry and same day crown service: We are extremely proud to offer same day dental crowns, inlays and onlay restorations in beautiful porcelain and composite. Our state of the art, in-house milling unit and Cerec Omnicam, allow your dentist to exclusively provide you with precision fitting crowns in one appointment.

The benefit of same day crowns is that you do not need to have follow up fit appointments involving additional injections, or take another day off work to have your crown fitted. The amazing state of the art Cerec Onmicam can scan your mouth and we can design your new dental restoration within hours – the best bit is that, in most cases, we do not need to take physical impressions anymore! If you would like to know more about the Cerec same day crown service – contact our reception team who can advise you of the steps needed to get you booked in.

Full computer system: An efficient way of improving our dental services and reducing our mistakes. You will always be provided with a clearly written treatment plan, explaining your treatment options and the cost implications, so there is never a surprise at the end. We can show you videos of the different types of dental treatment options available on conveniently positioned screens in the surgeries.

Philips Zoom: The teeth whitening procedure is safe, effective and only performed by qualified professionals. This easy and non-invasive system will lighten teeth up to eight shades returning them to their beautiful, natural white.


Waterlase and Epic Biolase (Diode) laser systems: Laser dental treatments are carried out using a concentrated beam of light. These systems can be used to:

  • Sterilise areas of infection in the mouth
  • In some cases replace the need for drilling to remove decayed parts of the teeth
  • For tooth whitening
  • Reduction of pain in the joints of the jaw
  • Reduce discomfort and to avoid the need for anaesthesia in some procedures
  • Assist in sterilisation procedures during root canal treatment.

Text, email and telephone reminders: As we appreciate that it is easy to forget those all-important appointments, we’ll make sure you will never forget your dental appointment with our appointment reminder services.

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